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Water quality

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Rivers, oceans, lakes, aquifers, groundwater, stormwater, urban canals, underground streams, estuaries, and more -- we are passionate about water quality! This page will help you find resources to explore the waterbodies you care about, and connect with other people who have the same interests:

Questions on Water Quality:

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Are there examples where environmental concerns were addressed as a result of people filing complaints (or suspected permit violations)? @stevie 4 months ago 7
How can you tell if a sheen on water is bacterial or petroleum (oil)? @stevie 4 months ago 2
Why do individuals/organizations want to collect water quality data? @wmacfarl 5 months ago 3
What water quality data can we collect to investigate oil/gas pollution? @wmacfarl 5 months ago 2
How can I calibrate a turbidity sensor? @wmacfarl 5 months ago 4
Are there simple tests for nitrates in well water? @stevie 5 months ago 10
DFRobot Turbidity Sensor Troubleshooting @mimiss 6 months ago 7
Reused fracking water? @charlotte_clarke 7 months ago 2
Can you relate Secchi disk measurements to turbidity sensor measurements? @wmacfarl 7 months ago 8
Pros/cons to cheap handheld water meters for pH, TDS, conductivity? @warren 8 months ago 3
How can we relate water quality sensor measurements to oil/gas pollution? @wmacfarl 8 months ago 2
How can DIY/community-collected environmental data be used? @wmacfarl 8 months ago 4
How can I make my own test with temperature sensor , ph sensor , DO sensor and ORP sensor with displayed on OLED screen . Thank you @safari 9 months ago 0
Can anyone tell what is wrong with my coqui? @stevie about 1 year ago 14
Seeking Info re Commercial Low-cost Lead Screening Products @read_holman about 1 year ago 8
Any tips on the search for accessible and safe stream entry points in an urban forest? @LaurenComSciATL about 1 year ago 0
Dissolved Oxygen Testing and Citizen Science @belkinsa over 1 year ago 8
What are simple tools are available to test salinity level in wetlands ecosystem? @Filipaul over 1 year ago 1
DIY conductivity Sensors @roberts_ecofarm over 1 year ago 6
What are ways to monitor algae blooms? @stevie almost 2 years ago 14
D.O. Monitoring on Public Lab @belkinsa almost 2 years ago 5
I am looking for a low cost lab to test for PFOA/PFOS. @UpperPotomacRiverkeeper almost 2 years ago 5
Where can we share well water data? @stevie almost 2 years ago 7
Are there any DIY equipment that measure dissolved oxygen levels in water? @belkinsa almost 2 years ago 6
What probes to get with data loggers? @pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago 4
How to measure nutrient concetration in hydroponic system? @Aleksi12358 almost 2 years ago 14
H2O sensores - oportunidade de parceria @Gasp00 almost 2 years ago 2
How to test water for heavy metals today? @Devon7 about 2 years ago 4
What are water quality parameters we should monitor to understand our local stream health? @stevie about 2 years ago 4
What are good resources for teaching middle school age children about water quality parameters? @stevie about 2 years ago 5
How do I choose a method for monitoring turbidity? @stevie about 2 years ago 2
Has anyone built a secchi disk before? @stevie about 2 years ago 4
What should we look for when sourcing turbidity tubes? @stevie about 2 years ago 7
What are good ways to test for pH levels and where can we get materials to do so? @stevie about 2 years ago 6
How do I use pH strips to test pH? @warren about 2 years ago 4
What are different methods of measuring water turbidity? @warren over 2 years ago 4
How is water turbidity regulated? @warren over 2 years ago 3
How do you find industrial WPDES permit details? @gretchengehrke over 2 years ago 2
In addition to testing for pH, what other water quality testing have you utilized, such as turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), etc.? Can you share your experience with these? @gilbert over 2 years ago 0
When is the use of litmus paper insufficient to test for pH? @gilbert over 2 years ago 0
What water quality issues have recently emerged in your region, i.e. "boil water alerts," "swimming ban," "no fishing advisories," "water-borne disease outbreaks," "industrial spills," "contaminated flooding," "unusual water taste, color or smell"? @gilbert over 2 years ago 0
Effective low-cost water filters to remove hydrogen sulfide? @gretchengehrke over 2 years ago 2
How do I identify an oil sheen or spill or slick in aerial photography? @warren over 2 years ago 1
Water Filter Effectiveness @Mempet over 2 years ago 4
How do you account for signal drift with sensors in the field? @gretchengehrke almost 3 years ago 2
data loggers for PH ? @MadTinker almost 3 years ago 2
Nitrogenous waste sensors for 24/7 monitoring @winsorje about 3 years ago 1
looking for ideas to detect/remove micro-beads/micro-fibers in water @vibhor over 3 years ago 2
Is there a water quality equivalent of Smoke School, the EPA air pollution observer certification? @warren over 3 years ago 1
Accessible procedure for calibrating conductivity measurements? @donblair almost 6 years ago 3
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Water quality parameters

Read about different water quality parameters here, including pH, nitrogen, conductivity, temperature, ORP and turbidity:

Also see this overview of 7 ways to monitorn water quality:

Groups and projects working on water quality issues:

Title Updated Version Views Likes
Water Quality Sensor 7 months ago by warren 12 8,557 2
BabyLegs 11 months ago by warren 14 2,411 6
Coqui conductivity sensor about 1 year ago by warren 57 3,086 22
Riffle: an Open Source Water Monitoring Approach over 2 years ago by warren 100 4,073 22
KnowFlow almost 3 years ago by liz 2 907 2
Open Water over 3 years ago by klie 122 3,492 19
infoamazonia-network almost 5 years ago by vjpixel 2 298 2

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