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Public Lab

Public Lab is a community and a non-profit, democratizing science to address environmental issues that affect people.

Public Lab was formed in the wake of the BP oil disaster. Learn more about our roots and 10th anniversary.

See for yourself

Learn new ways to investigate and document issues you see in your local environment. Plan field work, analyze results, and learn how to report environmental impacts.

Build a shared knowledge base

Explore and improve techniques for documenting environmental issues - learn from others and help expand this public resource.

Strengthen your community

Connect with others facing similar issues locally & worldwide to solve problems together. Ask and answer questions about your environmental concerns.

Be the change

Talk to your neighbors, and build a healthier and more equitable world together by going to the press, to regulators, or to court.


Community Projects

Unearthing Providence

**A platform for historical data-driven analyses of industrial land use, story-mapping, and community organizing.**

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Urban greening in Nottingham

The aim of this project is to develop a mapped plan for urban greening and growing in Nottingham with children and young people from the community. The work is ongoing.

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Bourj Al Shamali Refugee Camp

Bourj Al Shamali refugee camp in south Lebanon was opened in 1948 as a temporary shelter for Palestinian refugees coming from north Palestine, now Israel. Sixty years later, it has taken on the air of an overcrowded, unplanned, permanent city, with five times the original inhabitants occupying the original site, under the jurisdiction of the UN.

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