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Water Sampling

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This page collects resources, questions, requests related to water sampling.

(also see Soil Sampling)


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What could be some applications of a hand-powered paper centrifuge? @mimiss over 5 years ago 9
What are water quality parameters we should monitor to understand our local stream health? @stevie over 6 years ago 4
What are good resources for teaching middle school age children about water quality parameters? @stevie over 6 years ago 4
How do I choose a method for monitoring turbidity? @stevie over 6 years ago 2
What should we look for when sourcing turbidity tubes? @stevie over 6 years ago 7
When is it better to do grab sampling versus other types of monitoring? @stevie almost 7 years ago 2
How much do different oil pollution tests cost? @warren almost 7 years ago 1
How do I collect a sample for laboratory analysis? @warren almost 7 years ago 3
Testing Water For Specific Polluting Compounds @rajanzaveri over 7 years ago 2
What are good containers to use for spectrometry samples? @warren almost 8 years ago 1


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