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There are approximately 2.4 million miles of pipelines within the United States, crossing through every state in the nation (As illustrated on this map). The majority are concentrated along the Gulf Coast, where an abundance of natural resources, tax incentives, and loose regulation has supported the proliferation of the oil and gas industry within the region over the past 60 + years.

Massive environmental engineering was required in order to create this network of pipelines, and in turn there have been negative impacts to natural land building processes that once supported the growth of the Mississippi Delta. Additionally, the presence of so many pipelines has exponentially increased the chances of oil spills, noxious odors, contaminated air and polluted water impacting the health and safety of residents.

This page is a resource guide for those who are looking to conduct research, collect data, or submit reports of environmental concerns regarding pipelines. Although a majority of the work here is based within Louisiana and other Gulf states, the tools and techniques described here can be adapted for use in any geographic region. If you are working with pipelines in an area other than the Gulf Coast, please tag your work with #pipeline so that it will appear on this page!

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