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Barnraising November 3-5th in Cocodrie, Louisiana!

Register Here

Event one-pager: Public_Lab_Barnraising_2017.pdf

About Registration

  • October 27th: Registration for overnight Barnraisers will close.
  • October 31st: Registration for day trippers will close.

Event costs and discount options:

Event registration costs cover shuttle transport out to (and back from) the field research station LUMCON (if you're here within the timeframe for the shuttle outlined below), meals and snacks for the event, and cost of lodging Thursday night to Sunday.

Registration for this event is done on a sliding scale so that everyone can attend. It is set at $50 on eventbrite with the option to email for a discount code for reduced registration, or to pay more through the donation option.

Travel Stipends

There is a small amount of funding available to support travel stipends for those who would not be able to attend the event without travel assistance. Travel stipend preference will be given to: first time Barnraisers, community members facing environmental justice issues, community members who would otherwise not be able to attend, and first time attending Public Lab organizers. If you are awarded a travel stipend, it will be given to you in check form at the Barnraising event. This means upfront travel costs are on recipients. If this is a concern for you, please email Travel stipend applications will close September 30th. Notice on application status will be delivered via email by October 3rd.

Apply for a Travel Stipend Here


The event is hosted at LUMCON (8124 LA-56, Chauvin, LA), two hours south of New Orleans. If you are planning on taking advantage of Public Lab's free shuttle to LUMCON you will need to arrive in New Orleans (at the airport, or in our meet-up spot in the Bywater) before 6:30PM on Thursday and plan on leaving LUMCON after 12:00PM on Sunday. No Public Lab transit will be offered after 6:30PM on Thursday or before 12 on Sunday. Flights out on Sunday need to be after 3:30PM to take advantage of the free shuttle. If you plan on going or coming from LUMCON outside the scheduled shuttle time, you will need to arrange your own transportation.

Post session ideas below!

Editing the wiki and add your session ideas below:


Public Lab Code of Conduct

The Public Lab Code of Conduct applies to all spaces managed by the Public Lab community and non-profit, both online and in person. The ConductCom group helps to ensure that the Public Lab Code of Conduct is upheld at the event. (ConductCom members who will be at this event include Shannon Dosemagen, Klie Kliebert)

If you would like to have a confidential conversation, connect with ConductCom in person or email via To submit a report anonymously for review by ConductCom, go online via phone or computer to our anonymous “contact” app, located at This contact app will be monitored daily at 8am CST during in-person events like Barnraisings and weekly at all other times. During multi-day in-person events hosted by the Public Lab non-profit, there will also be a physical suggestion box available. This box will be monitored throughout the event and can also be used to let us know if you need us to check on an anonymous online submission sooner.

Further Logistics and Planning

Committees: Committees are used during Barnraising to help with many tasks such as making sure we maintain a safe space, ensuring we have childcare and have things to do for people of all ages, and helping out with documenting the event. If you're interested in helping out, add your name to a committee of your choosing below.

  • FoodCom: This year LUMCON is doing all our lunches and dinners, so FoodCom will help with all breakfasts and snacks!
  • FunCom: Help with planning and initiating evening activities!
  • DocCom: Help to document and record content, sessions, ideas, and media from the Barnraising. Help produce The Barnraiser.
  • DotCom: Into social media? This one's for you! Help us tweet/ instagram /facebook /share out about the event.
  • CleanCom: Keeping our space clean is everyone's responsibility, but this group is in charge.
  • KidCom: Activities for youth and childcare for the young-ones.
  • GearCom: Track down what people are planning on bringing and help to make a master list so we know what's coming.

Housing The event is hosted at LUMCON, a beautiful research center on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico where the land meets the water. The facilities there are dorm style, so plan on having a roommate and a bunk (2-4 people). If dorm style housing is a concern for you or if you have housing questions, please email

Packing List Here is the suggested packing list and for information on LUMCON

Childcare This is a family friendly event. Let us know if you're bringing the kids and we'll do our best to plan for hosting them with you. email

Van Options If you're looking ride in a shuttle to Cocodrie, you need to be in New Orleans BEFORE 6:30pm Thursday and plan on being back (or fly out) AFTER 3:30pm on Sunday.

Driving and ride-sharing Driving to LUMCON? That's great! Here are directions. Be sure to mention in your registration if you can take others!

Housing past the Barnraising: Need to stay Sunday For those flying in from out of town, we recognize Sunday evening flights can be expensive. We have limited space to put people up for Sunday night. For those of you who need to stay, there is an additional housing cost of $30 on your registration. Again this space is limited so register early! If you are staying in New Orleans past Sunday, you will need to find other accommodations and transportation.

Suggestions for staying after For those who are sticking around to explore more of the city, here are a few suggestions of accommodations to look into:


  • The Frenchmen Hotel Centrally located in the historic French Quarter.
  • The Blake Hotel A bit off the beaten path, but in between the French Quarter and Uptown, two great places to check out. Nothing too fancy, but comfortable and always has pretty good prices.
  • The Royal St. Charles Hotel Easy access to transportation and reasonably priced.

Other Options

  • Checkout airbnb
  • India House Hostel Not in the main part of town, but right on Canal street which has an awesome streetcar you can ride downtown for (day pass for $3)
  • The Atlas House Hostel in the French Quarter - could be a little rowdy!

Read more about the Barnraising and past Barnraisings below

About the Barnraising

The Barnraising is the closest thing we have to a Public Lab conference -- but with an emphasis on "doing stuff together." It is an unparalleled, high bandwidth event where people come together to exchange hard-won technical knowledge, tactics, and stories in person. Participants in Barnraisings:

  • Improve social ties through in-person collaboration,
  • Participate in in-depth exploration of local environmental issues and ongoing community research,
  • Advance technical knowledge, and
  • Work on projects such as local environmental monitoring and documenting new monitoring methods.

While Barnraisings have been hosted in each year in Louisana since 2012, the frist Regional Barnraising was held in Spring, 2014 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was a great way to draw new Public Labbers in, focus on regional issues and cater to people who are unable to travel to our yearly Barnraising in Louisiana.

Recognizing the growth of the Public Lab Midwest community, the second annual Regional Barnraising was held in the summer of 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Midwest projects such as hydrogen sulfide sensing, petcoke mapping and dust monitoring laid the groundwork for a fantastic and dynamic regional event.

In 2016 Public Lab hosted the Regional Barnraising in Val Verde, California in LA county. This event drew community partners from as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Central Valley. Featured in Val Verde, participants focused attentions on a local landfill that has been both a health hazard and nuisance to residents for many years. At the time of the Regional Barnraising, the landfill was threatening to expand, and many believed it was already taking waste beyond its capacity.

June of 2017, Public Lab hosted Appalachia Barnraising in Morgantown, West Virginia. You can read more about the Barnraising events below.

Past Barnraisings: