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Nick Shapiro is an Open Air Fellow at Public Lab. He is the lead researcher on Public Lab's "Where We Breathe" indoor air quality monitoring and mitigation project and is the lead researcher on a community air pollution monitoring project in the shale fields of northeast Pennsylvania. Nick is also a Matter and Materials fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. His work moves between the social science, the natural sciences and the arts.

For his doctoral work at Oxford, he tracked the quasi-legal resale of 150,000 chemically contaminated emergency housing units (FEMA trailers) as they were resold across the country using a medley of ethnography, analytically chemistry and GIS mapping. During his post-doc at Goldsmiths, University of London, Nick helped to develop a participatory design project aimed at monitoring the air quality impacts of unconventional natural gas extraction in northeastern PA. He moonlights as a woodworker.


Email: nick@publiclab.org