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Proto-geographer, kite flyer and PhD student. I'm interested in the role of technology and citizen science in land use conflict as well as social and environmental justice.

I've been a little slack on the research notes. This is what I've been up to instead...

Blair, D, J Breen, S Dosemagen, M Lippincott and L Barry. 2013. “Civic, Citizen and Grassroots Science: Towards a Transformative Scientific Research Model.” In Accountability Technologies: Tools for Asking Hard Questions, eds. D Offenhuber and K Schechtner. Vienna: Ambra Verlag.

Breen, J, S Dosemagen, D Blair and L Barry. Forthcoming. “Public Laboratory: Play and civic engagement.” In The Playful Citizen: Power, Creativity, Knowledge, eds. J Raessens, S Lammes, R Glas, M de Lange. Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press.

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Nighttime Balloon Mapping

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Balloon Mapping K Week

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Canon Powershot SD4000 repairs

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FABAoutfit derivative KAP rig

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Evolution of a Picavet

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