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Research note on this topic:


The proposed plots-organizers list is an email list for people that are both key organizers in their communities and key contributors to the Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. The new list is based on the previous "team" list, where typical emails are about upcoming events (sometimes there are speaking/travel opportunities),organizing local chapters, and other topics related to the Public Lab community rather than simply research.

We're basically hoping to expand the list a bit to help connect organizers to one another and also to have a more transparent way to join the list.

Proposed criteria:

  • a nomination (person nominating provides statement about why they are nominating) and 2 supporting nominations (i.e. an existing member nominates someone and 2 others would say “i second that” and “i third that”)
  • self-nomination (a short statement about your work and the mission statement) + 2 supporting nominations
  • other ideas?


Please list your name if you are nominating and if you are providing a supporting nomination, list your name as well:

  • Scott Eustis (nominated by Shannon, second: Jeff, third Liz)
    • Scott works for the Gulf Restoration Network as a Wetlands Specialist. He has been using the aerial mapping tools to lead mapping trips to areas such as Wetland Watchers Park and the Bohemia Spillway, to map areas where they have done wetland plantings and are watching the progression of project sites (such as filling a channel at Bohemia). Scott is an active listserve contributor and interested in IR, spectrometry, water and air quality as it relates to his work in the Gulf Coast. He is resourceful and a great community member-- a request to help find someone that could teach us to build nets and to find a darkroom in New Orleans were both met by him. He is really interested in coming up with creative DIY solutions with Public Lab tools- he showed up yesterday with mesh hampers and clothes bags to try out a housing design for the air column monitor balloon.
  • Hunter Daniels (nominated by Shannon, second: Jeff)
    • Hunter has been working on the Gulf Coast project since a month after the spill, both participating in mappings and leading trips. He consistently is coming up with new ideas for using not only the aerial mapping tool, but new tools such as the time lapse camera. Unfortunately, I (shannon) don't always have time to respond in a constructive manner about projects is is interested in doing and thus think that being on the organizers list would be beneficial for him.
  • Chris Fastie (nom. by Jeff, second Shannon, third Liz)
  • Gabriel Jaime Vanegas (nom by Jeff, second Shannon)
    • Gabriel has organized balloon events in Colombia which have been extremely successful ( I think we should try to engage and support overseas and non-English-centric organizers and Gabriel is a good example of this, although I'm not in good contact with him.
  • Jessi Breen (nominated by Adam, second Shannon, third Jeff)
    • Western NC Public Lab member. Has made maps on her own. Has her own KAP rig and is heading to Baltimore to enroll in a structure from motion phd program.
  • Pat Coyle (nominated by Stewart- hey Stu thanks for submitting this, Pat is already on the current "team" list and will be integrated over to the "organizers" list- Shan)
    • through Engineers Without Bordes Pat works abroad in sustainable local community development. In his work with Public Laboratory Pat has gone through the whole development cycle with the map tools. In addition to helping organize events and participating in the research, Pat has presented on behalf of Public Laboratory for various audiences.
  • Gena Wirth (nominated by Liz)
    • Gena has stepped in to organize the first non-staff led Gowanus Mapping event. She is on the board of GCC our local partner. She has experience with both kite and balloon mapping in various locations (Brooklyn, Bronx, Colorado and North Carolina). As a landscape architect she is very interested in species identification from aerial visible and near-infrared imagery by ground truthing and then creating interpretation guidelines.