##Harvard book on the future of the Public Library## * approached March 28, 2012 ##Journal of Landscape Architecture, India## * need to contact south east asia people and projects. * write abstract for 1500 word article for June edition. * Contributors: * link to GoogleDoc ##JOAAP## * rough draft due Aug 1st (ish), finals by end of August. * working doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQjutZojZveAz2eMYu02XTmTr6ugczQDJX4dzuE78V8/edit?hl=en_US ##Antipode## * Link: * Abstract & bios due Aug 15 * Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tZcQp0DvVnnQRvwPFVmEtuMLsLm26q9Vsy-IJ2VlYTo/edit 1. How do different mapping platforms differ epistemologically and practically, from both academic and end-user perspectives? 2. How might or might not these differences impact public participatory mapping activities, and a participatory ethic writ large? 3. What roles should data ownership for marginalized communities take within these platforms? Who benefits from current data ownership policies, and how are these concerns implicated in these mapping platforms? 4. Do these differing approaches to geographic knowledge ownership inform the types of knowledge that should be produced in any of these platforms? Please submit abstracts and author bios to David Meek (dmeek@uga.edu) and Ryan Burns (burnsr77@gmail.com) by August 15th ##CSQ## * due July 5th (missed) ...

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