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Harvard book on the future of the Public Library

  • approached March 28, 2012

Journal of Landscape Architecture, India

  • need to contact south east asia people and projects.
  • write abstract for 1500 word article for June edition.
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  • Abstract & bios due Aug 15
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  • How do different mapping platforms differ epistemologically and practically, from both academic and end-user perspectives?

  • How might or might not these differences impact public participatory mapping activities, and a participatory ethic writ large?
  • What roles should data ownership for marginalized communities take within these platforms? Who benefits from current data ownership policies, and how are these concerns implicated in these mapping platforms?
  • Do these differing approaches to geographic knowledge ownership inform the types of knowledge that should be produced in any of these platforms?

Please submit abstracts and author bios to David Meek ( and Ryan Burns ( by August 15th


  • due July 5th (missed)