The Nano Data Logger is an easy and inexpensive way to start collecting environmental data. It relies on a shield (a PCB which plugs into another PCB) which snaps onto an Arduino Nano. The shield adds a real time clock and microSD card holder to the Arduino microcontroller. When the components are prepared properly, no soldering is required to start saving data from a sensor. To achieve the convenience of the Nano Data Logger, the ability to log data for many weeks is lost. It will not last on small batteries for more than a few days without clever modification, so it is best suited for data collection for short periods, with alternative power (solar panels), or near mains power. The Nano Data Logger is available in a kit with everything required to log temperature and barometric pressure without doing any soldering:, for $29. ## Questions [questions:nano-data-logger] ## Activities [activities:nano-data-logger]

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