Desktop Spectrometer 3.0 parts list

* two-piece box printed on [Neenah Sundance Eclipse Black Smooth 100 # paper]( Download the latest [print and cut files on github]( [![IMG_20150210_161224ed.jpg](]( * "gumstick" webcam (from a laptop screen) with USB cable. datasheet: Spec_of_JDEPC-OV04_Ver_1.01.pdf [![IMG_20150210_170941ed.jpg](]( * 45 degree wooden (ash) block, 3cm x 3cm x 3cm [![IMG_20150210_161050ed.jpg](]( * Ash bench 1/4" (6mm) x 40mm x 235mm [![bench.jpg](]( * 50cm of 3/4" (2cm) width adhesive-backed loop fastener (Velcro-style) * 25cm of 3/4" (2cm) width adhesive-backed hook fastener (Velcro-style) [![velcro-labeled.png](]( * DVD-R * photo emulsion printed slit 0.2mm wide printed on .004" acetate. (In same envelope as DVDR) [ files on github]( [![IMG_20150210_161112ed.jpg](]( * binder clip [![IMG_20150210_170952ed.jpg](]( * 6 yard roll of [1/8" Thermoweb Supertape]( double sided tape. (3mm) * printed assembly instructions (below) [![IMG_20150210_161037ed.jpg](]( ...

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