Community Toolbox

Community Toolbox is a [welcome page](/software-outreach) system for GitHub-based open source software projects, and a growing set of tools to understand and welcome people into a software contributor community. It was created by Public Lab's [Web Working Group](/wwg). Community toolbox's main purpose is to **welcome newcomers and support and encourage them** to take on tasks in a software development project. It collects labelled and well-formatted [first-timers-only issues](/notes/warren/10-31-2016/create-a-welcoming-first-timers-only-issue-to-invite-new-software-contributors) and also displays a list of contributors' photos and names. > Try it at: **** **** ## Documentation Community Toolbox can be used "out of the box" without installation on any GitHub project. Read more in the docs: **** ## Questions? [questions:community-toolbox] ...

Notes on community-toolbox by Delaney