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Public Lab Community Newsletter: January 2018

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January 2018

Developing Community Kits With Public Lab : Join Us For Open Hour

Public Lab has launched an initiative to support people in the development of new community kits. In this OpenHour, we will be discussing what goes into designing, producing, and distributing tools for environmental research. Are you interested in connecting with folks who are working with the kits initiative and joining the conversation about what community resources you'd like to see developed?

Join us for OpenHour. Monday, February 5th at 1:00 pm ET.


Welcoming Newcomers: Inclusivity and Writing Our Software

Since early 2016, Public Lab has worked in new ways to make our open source software projects more welcoming and inclusive; to grow our software contributor community in diversity and size.

This year we've seen a major influx of newcomers to our software projects, with well over a hundred people now having helped and our other software projects (see some of their profile pictures above). Many are contributing to open source software for the first time!

To highlight these efforts and share our outreach strategies, from our work with the First Timers Only movement to our Code of Conduct, we've started a Software Outreach blog series. We've also launched a new welcoming page for people interested in getting involved, called Community Toolbox.

Public Lab in the Economist: "Do-it-yourself Science is Taking Off"

Just in case you missed the special holiday edition of the Economist, Public Lab was featured, along with a nifty illustration of a spectrometer assembly. The article invited readers to visit the Public Lab website and to get involved.

It's great to see this in print; you also can check it out online!

Introducing Delaney Title

Sedimentation in the Florida Panhandle: A Question at

The main concern: As northwest Florida grows with many miles of new roads, construction projects are sending huge amounts of sediment into adjacent waterways.

The initial question: How can we help local citizens and groups document the ongoing pollution of Indian Bayou and use it to effect change in DOT road projects?

Learn more. Join a February 10 balloon and kite mapping workshop.


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Love balloon mapping! Haven't done it in years, but been meaning to get back at it! Nice work

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