If you're interested in our ongoing effort to provide good documentation on our collaborative works, we'll be doing a website 'gardening' session on **Thursday December 22**, and coordinating in real-time in this public chatroom: We'll need people who are interested in editing/proofreading pages, people who have worked on tools and can help write short tutorials or upload helpful imagery, etc. Pitch in and help make our open source science documentation a bit more accessible! ###Templates### If you're revising a tool or place page, take a look at these templates for what kind of information is relevant: ##Tasks:## If you are part of a local PLOTS chapter, this is a good chance to get your pages up to date with the latest happenings! * providing good background summaries for every tool * offering contextual information for every place page (for local PLOTS chapters) * making tool pages informative and helpful for newcomers who want to try making a tool * offering places for people to start contributing to a project (a "where we need help" section for each project) * generally illustrating the work we've all done to date in a coherent way * move sub-tools into wiki pages, like stereo camera and telemetry kit * provide consistent and thorough intro and "getting involved" and "getting started" info on each tool page, maybe each place page * list who's "keeper" for each tool/place page? * open hardware licensing for tools * clean up pages - create a Tool page template - * Context, need * Concise desc. of tool * Parts and price list * Goals, next steps towards them * create formating for pages--research notes and data analysis * interlink related pages * document collaborators * ... add your own stuff here ###Checklist for tools and places### Put your name by what you're working on, and/or delete it once it's done. * Thermal photography * Spectrometer (Jeff) * Near-infrared camera * Environmental estrogen testing * New York City X (liz) * Gulf Coast X * Providence * Somerville (jeff) * North Carolina X * Texas X * Santiago X * Sumava X * Butte X * Portland X ...

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