Lego Spectrometer

This is the latest version of Public Lab's DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit -- the Lego Spectrometer. It addresses issues of rigidity, sourcing, modularity, and image quality over previous versions. We've been making and distributing [Do-It-Yourself spectrometers](/w//spectrometry) since 2011, and have been through [4 major kit versions]( and hundreds of different community contributed modifications, new versions, changes, and more. ## Get a kit This is an open source kit, so you can just build your own -- but to **order parts for a kit**, visit the Public Lab Store: ## Design goals Over the years, we've identified a few really critical improvements that have been tough to solve: * rigidity * easy to source parts * modularity - working together * image quality Our mission is to make it **easier, cheaper, and more accessible to do environmental monitoring**, and to do that as an open source, collaborative community. And of course part of that is cost -- while people build upon our kits with more expensive options and upgrades, we want the basic kit to be extremely affordable. ## Quick start [notes:grid:lego-quickstart] ## Questions [questions:lego-spectrometer] ## Building your Lego Spectrometer [activities:lego-spectrometer] ## Spectrometry activities [activities:spectrometry-sampling] **** ## Spectrometer calibration [activities:spectrometry-calibration] **** [![tinkercad.png](]( _Tinkercad model, below_ ## Parts ### 3D models * Tinkercad: * Thingiverse: ### 3D brick models Lots of great brick models are available here: and on * assorted standard bricks: * holey bricks: * sloped brick: * corner L brick: * brick w/ peg: (I used this instead of a 1x2 hole brick + a friction peg, because I couldn't find a model for the brick) Brick dimensions are nicely described in this diagram from Wikipedia: Print files for the black cardstock insert can be [found here]( ...

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