Question: In the plant based air purifier, could airflow go the other way, using an unmodified pump?

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by warren | October 08, 2016 19:25 | #13538

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I'd like to try to build the plant based air purifier and I have a pump, but I'm wondering if we could push air through instead of pulling, so a pump could just be used as-is?

Sorry if this is already answered, just curious!


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I asked Nick about that when I did my build because I had the same thought. The only downside he mentioned was that there could potentially be activated carbon blowing out if the pump is not reversed. Presumably if pulling air through the diffuser, then hose and through the now-outlet of the pump w/ a tiny fibrous filter the potential for carbon spewing may be reduced. I don't know if that is true, but reversing the pump was easy so I went with it.

I'm not really sure what size particle would be of concern or whether the fiber filter has any effect on it? What kind of microdust does activated carbon give off & how much of a concern is it? That might be worth its own question.

The other thing I saw in one of the papers was that the vacuum pulled (drawing air down through the plant) may have been leftover from another design where the air was then pushed up an exit column and subjected to a UV light in an attempt to kill any mold spores present. With positive pressure inside that would be impossible because the air just would go everywhere.

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Yes, i also don't know much about this, and if the airflow from the pump is enough to make it a concern... i guess any negative pressure is better than any positive pressure, though! I think it could be especially bad if the plant dries out.

What about putting the growth medium and/or carbon in some kind of cloth bag? Just wondering about exploratory, outside the box (pot?) possibilities. Thanks for thinking through this with me, and great to digitally meet you too!

Yes, please do post a question about active carbon, if you could -- i'm interested as well.

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Re: water level, The commercial version has a low water sensor that shuts the fan off to let it try to survive. It won't resume air circulation until the water level comes back up.

I too wonder about carbon containment (at the bottom of my post I have a couple questions about that), mostly for efficacy. Maybe I'll try a food based glue on the growth medium to stick the carbon in the layer I want (but still give roots access).

Oh, i had another idea -- what about a water-permeable fabric drawstring bag? That'd be pretty easy to put on, but would it impede airflow? Anyhow, i guess it bears some testing.

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I did see one on Amazon the other day and it was more like a mesh bag so it might even let roots go through it. I'm not sure it would do anything specific for particles though.

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@nshapiro also pointed out that it would be easier to break your pump by flooding it if you used it in the usual "push" mode. Just so I understand, is that a consideration /against/ modifying the pump?

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