<div style="max-width:800px;" id="content" class="pl-content wiki"> <p>The purpose of the blog is to capture the “who” in Public Lab. It is a space for people to share out! Beyond the research, beyond the discussion lists... Who is here and why?</p> <p>Start a post by clicking here:</p> <p><a href="/post?tags=blog-submission" class="btn btn-lg btn-primary">Draft a blog submission</a></p><h3 id="Examples+of+content+for+the+Public+Lab+Blog:">Examples of content for the Public Lab Blog: <big><a href="#Examples+of+content+for+the+Public+Lab+Blog:"><i class="icon fa fa-link"></i></a></big></h3><h4 id="Stories">Stories <small><a href="#Stories"><i class="icon fa fa-link"></i></a></small></h4><ul><li>Learning about something new,</li><li>Discovering pollution in your community,</li><li>What got you involved in Public Lab,</li><li>Your interests or ideas in the Public Lab community,</li><li>Something that has been on your mind related to Public Lab.</li></ul><h4 id="Reflections+and+Observations">Reflections and Observations <small><a href="#Reflections+and+Observations"><i class="icon fa fa-link"></i></a></small></h4><ul><li>What it has been like to work on a project,</li><li>On conversations in google groups, the wiki or amongst your community,</li><li>Thoughts you had after attending an event or an OpenHour.</li></ul><h4 id="Cross-posting+from+other+sites">Cross-posting from other sites <small><a href="#Cross-posting+from+other+sites"><i class="icon fa fa-link"></i></a></small></h4><ul><li>Posts from somewhere else that you'd like to share with others in Public Lab (Be sure to reference your sources!)</li><li>News,</li><li>Articles,</li><li>Reviews.</li></ul><h4 id="“Action+Alerts”+or+request+for+specific+assistance">“Action Alerts” or request for specific assistance <small><a href="#“Action+Alerts”+or+request+for+specific+assistance"><i class="icon fa fa-link"></i></a></small></h4><ul><li>Something your community is pushing for that you'd like to get the word out about,</li><li>Something new that you want to bring to people's attention.</li> </ul> <p>Questions or looking for help writing a post? email <a href=""></a></p> </div>

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