Question: Looking for recommendations of how to obtain air quality samples around a fracked gas compressor station

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by SBucic | July 11, 2022 14:22 | #31273

1. A community coalition in New Jersey is concerned about the expansion of a fracked gas compressor station and is seeking air quality samples before an upcoming hearing.

2. Finances are limited and the timeframe is short. The sooner samples can be obtained the better. Any advice welcome!

3. Many health professionals are involved/concerned as this station impacts drinking water reservoirs and air quality. There are people involved that are willing to be trained who have science backgrounds.


Hi @SBucic ! Another community group in the past monitored formaldehyde at natural gas compressor stations using an electronic meter. There's some info on that in this research note by @nshapiro and @gretchengehrke. There are also some chemistry-based methods for formaldehyde outlined here.

For monitoring other gases, one option is the air bucket monitor, which takes individual air samples ("grab samples") in a special bag that's then shipped to a lab for analysis. The need for lab analysis can be challenging (cost and time-wise), but multiple gases can be detected with one air sample. In case it helps, here's one resource I found that lists the kinds of gases that could be emitted from a compressor station.

@jjcreedon might have some advice to share?

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@bhamster Thank you very much. Incredibly helpful information!

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This might be of interest to you! Dream collects greenhouse gases and air quality:

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