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by Droopas | December 22, 2017 09:55 | #15417

Hi I'd like to recreate your titraumatic system.

The idea does seem interesting, and I was thinking of doing something with an arduino and a peristatic pump. But your idea seems very refined, since I would have start from screatch. But I would like to know which hardware you use to connect your pH probe to PC?

I have problem is that I am unable to run the GUI you created.

When run, all it does is freeze all applications (Windows 10) except mouse then I have to do a Ctrl+Alt+Del.


Hello! It looks like this is in response to:

@jsummers -- any ideas on this? I wonder if we could also use one of the new cheaper Arduino clones @cfastie is using to interface the probe with a PC -- an Arduino Nano as in the #nano-data-logger

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Hi, I do not think a peristaltic pump would work very well since it is not designed to have very precise volume control. I have a new syringe pump design that does not require 3D printing. It uses the linear actuator kit from Open Builds ( You also need a NEMA 23 motor, so the actuator will run about $120 USD. The pH probe is from Vernier Instruments and cost about $80 USD. It is a pretty good deal. To connect the probe, you need a BTA connector, which you can get from Sparkfun. The probe requires DC power and ground and outputs an analog voltage. I have a circuit board that we designed for this and I can figure out a way to get you one if you want. I don't know why your computer is freezing up when you try to run the GUI. Perhaps the 32 bit exe file will not run on your 64 bit computer. If you download all the pde files, you should be able to compile the program and export a 64 bit exe program (or you could just run it from the Processing program). To do that you will need to download the most recent version of Processing from
I will be happy to help if you decide to pursue this and run into difficulties. You can contact me direct at the following: summers at wcu dot edu, Best, Jack

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