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This is an open source community effort to develop a range of low-cost air quality monitoring and remediation tools. Welcome!

Join in by:

  • Reading about goals and asking great questions
  • Trying (and critiquing) our community-made how-to guides
  • Posting your own how-to guides and mods
  • Building on others’ work; hack and remix the kits to refine and expand them
  • Submit your improvements for inclusion in an upcoming starter kit release or add-on
  • Serving on a Research Review Group for a 3 month period


State-by-state info sheets on indoor air quality assistance and governance (work in progress!)


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Frequently Asked Questions about air quality

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
What are the reaction rates of hydrogen sulfide with oxygen versus copper or silver? @gretchengehrke about 2 years ago 0
What are the relative rates of hydrogen sulfide oxidation in ambient air? @gretchengehrke about 2 years ago 3
Methods for or experience measuring workplace hydrogen sulfide gas? @gretchengehrke about 2 years ago 2
What type of health issues are associated with inhalation of ultrafine particles? @liz about 2 years ago 1
What do the terms attainment and nonattainment mean? @liz about 2 years ago 2
How do you account for signal drift with sensors in the field? @gretchengehrke about 2 years ago 1
Do you have resources on odor logs and odor reporting platforms? @gretchengehrke over 2 years ago 5
What are the health effects related to fine particles of calcium carbonate? @stevie over 2 years ago 7
AERMOD: Is it a good model? How has it been tested and verified? @marlokeno almost 3 years ago 0
lightweight air quality sensors for a weather balloon @glenc about 3 years ago 2
What kind/size of microdust does activated carbon give off & how much of a concern is it? @jfrankamp about 3 years ago 2
In the plant based air purifier, could airflow go the other way, using an unmodified pump? @warren about 3 years ago 6
How can i know if my plant-based air filter is working? @liz about 3 years ago 5
Is CALPUFF a good air quality modeling tool @marlokeno about 3 years ago 4
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