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Leaflet Environmental Layers

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Leaflet Environmental Layers is a plugin for the Leaflet web mapping library, which makes it possible to view many different sources of environmental data on a single unified map.

The code on GitHub, including how to install it:


There are so many different sources of environmental data, and it's not always easy to relate or contrast them -- how does the government hosted Toxics Release Inventory stack up against data from air sensors, or relate to wind patterns? How do alerts on SkyTruth relate to demographic information like income or race and ethnicity?

We hope this interface will help make this kind of comparison/cross-referencing easier.


  • Purple Air sensor map
  • maps
  • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data
  • Frac Tracker data
  • Water Reporter data
  • OpenInfraMap - petroleum, water, power infrastructure
  • Weather/wind data
  • JusticeMap demographic (race/ethnicity, income) data
  • community odor reporting data
  • SkyTruth Alerts environmental issue data

To request a new layer, please ask a question below!

Existing layer requests are here:



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