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Air Quality Class 3

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Class Home

Introductions all around, new MIT guests

In class activity A: whole class conversation (5 minutes)

  • restate how sensors collect data, that data is on the SD card, the SD card plugs into the computer, the application uploads data to COSM website, data is online for other visualizations
  • Review notes and discussion from Week 1 -
  • What do we mean when we say “air quality”?
    • What are air quality markers?
    • who thinks those markers are important and why?
    • what conclusions can be interpreted from this, what can be acted upon to improve our air quality?

In breakout groups, identify themes and talk about why AQ matters to Cypress Hills. After discussing, give the students 5-10 minutes to write down:

  • why/how AQ matters to him/her
  • why/how s/he thinks it matters to their parents
  • why/how s/he thinks matters to their grandparents

Each of the five breakout groups will discuss one of the following topics and write their ideas on chart paper:

  • who should we tell this to?
  • what we're saying?
  • why we're saying it?
  • how will we say it?
  • where will we say this?

Group presentations (5-10 minutes): One student from each group presents their group's ideas to the whole class.

Return to breakout groups, in preparation for designing a communication method to share the results of our experiment.

  • group leaders present how choosing a way to communicate about our air quality work will be better served by knowing a few things about the people we are trying to reach:

  • generate possible survey questions that they want to ask their community.

  • Share with the class.

To prepare the survey, the student questions will be

  • typed up, translated, and sent to MIT this afternoon
  • Over the weekend, MIT students create final survey with header about age, input to Google Form, and send a PDF, and send link.
  • Monday, Mr. Dan sends digital and printed surveys home with students to conduct 3-5 surveys. Target a kid, an adult, a grandparent or older person.
  • Class 1 may do it online, Class 2 may do it on paper.
  • Returned by next Thursday, so that they can be photographed/scanned and entered into Google Forms.
  • Final survey attached to this page as a PDF.

Homework: Write a Research Note about the experience of giving the survey to your friends and family. Make sure to point out any unique responses you received.