UI Testing

Hi, you've decided to help us test out parts of the Public Lab website so we can improve it. THANKS!!! ## Get started Please follow the instructions shown in the right-hand column, as shown in this picture: [![prompt.png](/i/29589)](/i/29589) **** ### Incognito mode Some tests will ask you to open https://publiclab.org and start in an incognito window, so you have to log in fresh. To do so, use the File menu in Chrome: [![Screen_Shot_2019-03-01_at_10.06.08_AM.png](/i/29590)](/i/29590) Otherwise, just start at the URL given. ### Privacy First, be aware that Lookback, the program we've asked you to use, will ask to record audio and video of you using the site. If you prefer no video, you can **cover up your camera with a piece of tape**. ...

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