Barnraising Texas 2019

This event occurred February 22-24, 2019 in Galveston and Houston, Texas, USA. Organizing partners include Bryan Parras, Reverend James Caldwell, and Eduardo Luna Lopez. >Read the beautiful, full color 8.5"x5.5" zine which tells the story of the 2019 Texas Barnraising in Galveston, and introduces the key elements for planning your own Barnraising and building on the Public Lab model for collectively-run community science events. The zine is available for purchase here, to view in [spreads online here](, or as free download here in [English]( and in [Spanish]( ### Attendees Sixty-eight people attended the TX Barnraising. Attendees with Public Lab usernames include: @liz @danbeavers @zengirl2 @SadiePrego @bronwen @shannon @eustatic @caguldi03 @read_holman @joyofsoy @susanjacobson @bljohns7 @stevie @a1ahna @Pat @DanielleS @magictowers @warren @LaurenComSciATL @dbsnp ### Social Media Use hashtag #TXbarnraising to tag/mention/follow @PublicLab on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! ### Share Barnraising photos [here]( [![Flyer-TexasBarnraising2019.png](/i/29578)](/i/29578) # Notes ### Friday February 22 notes All notes from the morning: * Session 1: Two Afternoon Sessions: * Session 2: * Session 3: ### Saturday February 23 notes Two Morning Sessions: * Session 1: * Session 2: Three afternoon sessions: * Session 3: * Session 4: * Session 5: ### Sunday February 24 notes All notes from field work: * Session 1: **** ###Resources on the Theme of this event: * Media Archive of The People's Tribunal on Hurricane Harvey hosted by the Houston Flood Museum: * [video on 2017 Houston Flood Response; Dedicated & Committed Organization founder Eduardo Luna]( * [Another Gulf Is Possible]( * [Pre-existing Conditions in A Time of Disaster: 2019 Report by Living Hope Wheelchair Association]( * Southern People's Initiatives: A Plan of Action in Time of Crisis * Red de Apoyo Mutuo Para Puerto Rico: an open platform coordinating decentralized efforts to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate relief * Occupy Sandy's Movement NetLab [educational videos]( * [Movement Generation's Principles for a Just Recovery plus an addendum of Crisis Convening's Principles for an Equitable and Effective Crisis Response]( Leave feedback [here]( * [Movement Generation: De los Tanques y Bancos A la Cooperación y el Cuidado--Un Marco Estratégico para La Transición Justa]( * [Movement Generation--From Banks and Tanks To Cooperation and Caring: A Strategic Framework for a Just Transition]( * Spreadsheet of 40 high value data sets for equitable disaster recovery compiled w frontline wisdom from hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Irma, Maria at #DataforBlackLives * ARTICLE: "Comparing residential contamination in a Houston environmental justice neighborhood before and after Hurricane Harvey" 2018 * ARTICLE: "Galveston Struggling to Rebuild Housing 10 Years After Hurricane Ike" 2018 * ARTICLE: "Scientists Discover Pipelines Belching Benzene in East Houston" 2016 * ARTICLE: "The Most Empowering Tool for Hurricane Recovery Want to help residents rebuild after Harvey and Irma? Give them access to reliable data" 2017 * GRAPH: "Billion Dollar Disasters" **** **Eventbrite link:** **Location:** The historic 1859 Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas ([2328 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston, TX 77550]( **Theme:** We are convening in Texas to collaborate on the topic of using science towards action. Together, we will explore methods for monitoring and organizing that can elevate our ability to understand, document and advocate around climate change, disaster response, and industrial pollution. _[Resources on the theme available below]( ## On this page: [About the Barnraising]( [Registering for the Barnraising]( - Registation and closing dates - Event costs and discount options [Logistics]( - Event times and location - Housing - Transit options - Outreach tools - Communication [Materials and questions]( [Event Committees]( [Resources on the theme of this event]( [Past Barnraisings]( _________________ ###About the Barnraising A Barnraising is an event hosted by the Public Lab community. In the spirit of bringing a community together to collectively raise a structure such as a barn, Barnraising participants come together to test environmental monitoring tools in the field, brainstorm new research projects, share about environmental concerns, and develop strategies to address them. The event is hosted in an “unconference style.” This means that people collectively set the agenda, and join to participate and collaborate rather than just present, talk, and listen. At the event, barnraising participants can expect to: improve social ties through in-person collaboration, participate in deep exploration of local environmental issues and ongoing community research, advance technical knowledge, and work with hands-on projects for local environmental monitoring and documenting new monitoring methods. ###Registering for the Barnraising ####Registration and closing dates **Full Registration** for this event includes housing, and all meals between Friday breakfast and Sunday lunch. Registration for this ticket will close **February 17th.** _(If you do not require housing, please indicate that on your registration form or email **Single Day Ticket** If you are just planning on joining this event for one day, we recommend Saturday. Single day tickets cover breakfast and lunch for the day you will be joining the event. Registration for this ticket will close **February 19th.** ####Event costs and discount options **Registration Costs:** Each year we work hard to make this event accessible for everyone to attend. In that respect, every Barnraising event is run on a sliding scale cost for registration. While the Registration cost is listed at $50 ($20 for single day), this event costs us much more to put on (around $40,000). If you are able to pay more, please include more funds through the donation option or through the institutional support button at the end of the registration form. If the event cost is more than you can cover, please email for discount codes for free or reduced registration. ###Logistics **Event times and location:** The Barnraising will begin on Friday, February 22nd at 9 a.m., and end the afternoon of Sunday, February 24th. The event will be hosted at the historic Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas (2328 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston, TX 77550). On Sunday morning after breakfast, the event will conclude in Houston, as we work with local partners exploring local environmental issues and practicing our environmental fieldwork methods and tools. **Housing:** Housing for the Barnraising is included in registration for those who are joining for the full event. We will be staying in several houses we have rented out near the event. In this housing arrangement, bathrooms, and in some cases, bedrooms will need to be shared (no bed sharing!). If you prefer your own room, or require other housing considerations such as wheelchair accessibility, please indicate that on your registration or email **If you do not require housing, please let us know!** **Transit options:** We will have large vans available to pick people up at the airport and in Houston on Thursday before *7:30pm* (city pickup locations yet to be determined). The vans will be returning to Houston on Sunday around 11 a.m. If you require transit outside those times, please make personal arrangements. **Outreach tools:** Want to help share out about this event? Great! You can share our [Facebook event page](, this [tweet](, this [Instagram post](, or use this one pager PDF to print or email. The_Public_Lab_Barnraising!.pdf **Communication:** Want to join conversations about this event? - Join the Barnraising google group to get updates and communications: ###Materials and Questions **Material Support:** Do you have materials you’ll be looking to use at the event? This year we have a budget to help gathering materials to support our project ideas. Add to the materials wish list below and we’ll work on trying to get things to the event. **[Link to edit spreadsheet below](** (Our budget is limited; we’ll do our best, but if we can’t source something on this list, we’ll indicate it on the spreadsheet as soon as we can.) ####What questions are you bringing to the Barnraising? We’ll arrange our schedule of activities based on the topics and questions people bring to the event. Share your questions early to start collaborating with others below! [questions:texas-barnraising] ###Event Committees This event relies on its participants to help make it happen. Sign up for a committee in your registration to help support the event! - FoodCom - Help with breakfasts and snacks. - FunCom - Help with evening activities! - GearCom - Help compile information about all the gear people are planning on bringing. **GearCom has a budget this year!!** - DotCom - Into social media?! Help us share out about the event! - DocCom - Help document what we explore and learn at the event and publish _The Barnraiser_. - KidCom - This is a family friendly event. Help make sure the kids are taken care of and have fun things to do! - CleanCom - We'll all do this, but this group will be in charge! This event is made possible with generous sponsorship from the National Geographic Society. ...

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