This page is about the Multi-Party Authentication System of Public Labs. # Sign Up 1) Sign Up via the sign-up form: One can fill in the sign-up form available at publiclab.org/signup and create his/her account. 2) Sign Up via provider: * Sign up via provider for New User: If he wants to sign up via provider then he/she logs in via his/her provider's account. Then a new account is generated for the user along with the provider's information as user-tag available on www.publiclab.org/profile/user_name page. An email is sent so that he/she can set their password. * Sign up of existing user: For an existing user, if he/she clicks on Sign Up via providers on the www.publiclab.org then the provider's information is linked to his/her existing account and he/she is logged in. The existing user is checked via the email address in Public Lab database. # Log In A user can either log in via username and password or via clicking on desired provider's icon on the header or on www.publiclab.org/login. # Linking of providers to the user account A user can link multiple providers to his account by going to the www.publiclab.org/edit and connecting the desired provider. # Delinking of a provider A user may want to delete a provider so he/she can go to www.publiclab.org/profile/user_name and can delete the ``oauth:providers_name:uid`` usertag. # Linking of account to the same provider again If a user tries to add another account of the same provider then he is notified with a flash message. # Log Out User can log out via public labs by clicking on the ``log out `` button available on the header of www.publiclab.org ...

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