This is a resources collecting page for Hurricane Ida response; we are **not** an emergency service provider, but non-emergency **questions, requests, inquiries, report-ins, offers of help or capacity are welcome**. We are also maintaining a list of [places to donate to](#donate). ## What is this page? The purpose of this page is to amplify requests emerging from local community organizations, especially those that work with communities that are bearing the burden of the storm more than others, and many of whom primarily coordinate over the phone or through Facebook groups. is the primary online hub for response efforts If there are other efforts with similar aims, we don't want to duplicate or draw capacity away from them. Likewise, if other efforts are aimed at a different group (say, technologists, or professional crisis responders) and take a different approach, we want to do our best to interconnect with them, but also recognize that there may still be a need for this page. ### Posting Updates: We are happy to feature report-ins from folks involved in Ida response on this page -- you can [post them here](/post?tags=ida,ida-response). [notes:ida!question:ida] ### Asks and offers If there are **specific asks or offers**, what works best is to break those out as concrete questions, such as: - we need help with X? - does anyone need X? That way we can get people connected up, whether they want to pitch in or they have information you need. [questions:ida] ###Follow this topic and stay up to date! Subscribe to updates on this issue **** ### Donate Please consider communities that are bearing the burden of the storm more than others! - - [Atakapa Ishak Tribe]( - [Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi Chitimacha Choctaw]( - [United Houma Nation]( - [Pointe-Aux-Chien Indian Tribe]( - [Grand Caillou/Dulac Band]( - [Bvlbancha Public Access list of tribes in Louisiana]( - [Forever Calcasieu]("direct financial assistance and resources for Southwest Louisiana" - Down the Bayou Mutual Aid Fund--Instagram account with info to donate @dtb_mutualaidfund Also see: - [Southern Solidarity]( - [RISE St. James]( - [Mutual Aid New Orleans (FB group)]( - [Imagine Water Works]( - [Voices of the Experienced]( - [Feed the Second Line]( Get Lit Stay Lit--"Stay Lit is a project collaboration between Feed the Second Line and Glass Half Full NOLA" to "install solar panels and batteries on neighborhood restaurants in New Orleans to create a decentralized network of...resilient restaurants that can keep their freezers, ice machines, and refrigerators running and become the first responders for our community" - [The United Cajun Navy]( search and rescue support in affected areas following natural disasters in southern LA - [House of Tulip Rapid Response]("this rapid response fund provides direct cash assistance for Transgender and Gender non-conforming community members directly impacted by Hurricane Ida" - other [Hurricane Ida resources from The Promise of Justice Initiative ]( **** ## Project requests In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we hosted a couple projects related to environmental monitoring and reporting. Keep in touch by following the tag Ida for updates. If questions or projects from people on the ground emerge on Public Lab, we will post updates on them here and you will get updates by following this tag. **** ### Help organize this page Help organize this content! We're drafting new content/revisions for this page on the Talk page, at **** ## Other Environmental Groups to Follow * * Healthy Gulf- * Green Army - * Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team - * I See Change - _lead image from [The Weather Channel](

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