Culturally sustaining pedagogy (CSP), a theoretical stance proposed by [Django Paris ](https://education.uw.edu/django-paris)(2012) that “seeks to perpetuate and foster—to sustain—linguistic, literate, and cultural pluralism as part of the democratic project of schooling” (p. 93 [book](https://bookshop.org/books/culturally-sustaining-pedagogies-teaching-and-learning-for-justice-in-a-changing-world/9780807758335)) [More definitions] Culturally sustaining pedagogy (CSP) exists wherever education sustains the lifeways of communities who have been and continue to be damaged and erased through schooling. As such, CSP explicitly calls for schooling to be a site for sustaining—rather than eradicating—the cultural ways of being of communities of color. Culturally sustaining practices allow, invite, and encourage [students] to not only use their cultural practices from home in [school or learning environment], but to maintain them. CSP allows [students] to exist not only in the culture of their [school], but also in the culture of their home(s). [Article] Read more here: https://www.hepg.org/her-home/issues/harvard-educational-review-volume-84-number-1/herarticle/symposium-culturally-sustaining-pedagogy...

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