Remote Sensing

This page lists selected publicly available archival remote sensing data. ### Questions [questions:remote-sensing] ## Activities [activities:remote-sensing] **** United States Geological Survey (USGS) AmericaView - a national collectivity of State View Consortia academic institutions, governmental agencies and NGO's that share archival geospatial data. Contact information for individual State View organizations follow: LouisianaView Website Member Institution University of Louisiana at Lafayette Name Brent Yantis Email Phone 337-482-0670 AlabamaView Website Member Institution Auburn University Name Luke J Marzen Email Phone 334-844-3462 MississippiView Website None Member Institution University of Mississippi Name Greg Easson Email Phone 662-915-5995 608-263-3126 MinnesotaView Website Member Institution University of Minnesota Name Marvin Bauer Email Phone 612-624-3703 MichiganView Website Member Institution MTRI, Michigan Tech University, Ann Arbor, MI Name Nancy French Email Phone 734-913-6840 OhioView Website Member Institution Bowling Green State University Name Anita Simic Email Phone 419-372-4035 West VirginiaView Website Member Institution West Virginia University Name Tim Warner Email Phone 304-293-4725 ColoradoView Website Member Institution Colorado State University Name Wei Gao Email Phone 970-491-3600 IndianaView Website Member Institution Purdue University Name Larry Biehl Email Phone 765-494-3529 U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (USGS): After signing up for an account, one can have access to the Landsat data archive , as well as GloVis Next and EarthExplorer EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA): After signing up for a free account, one can obtain access to download data from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel -2 for user-defined areas of interest. [11:55] IN THE EVENT OF AN INTERNATIONALLY DECLARED DISASTER, THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER OF SPACE AND MAJOR DISASTERS CAN BE INVOKED, WHICH THEN ENABLES THE FREE DISTRIBUTION OF REMOTE SENSING DATA, FROM MULTIPLE COUNTRIES' SPACE AGENCIES AS WELL AS FROM PRIVATE SECTOR FIRMS TO FACILITATE DISASTER RESPONSE: [11:58] International Charter Space and Major Disasters: UNITED NATIONS-SPIDER OFFICE FOR OUTER SPACE AFFAIRS ...

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