Our work in the Providence office focuses on local events and activities with the [One Cranston](/one-cranston) project, as well as [AS220](/as220) and others. Sign up for updates by joining the Providence mailing list! plots-providence **** ### Updates Recent and upcoming updates from the Providence area: [notes:grid:providence] **** [map:content:41.8:-71.4] **** ## Older updates (~2012) Click to open Collaborators: Digital+Media: Environmental Justice Research Cluster at the Rhode Island School of Design, AS220 and Environmental Justice League Organized by Sara Wylie, RISD Students and Graduates Jae Ok Lee, Byeongwon Ha, Kyuha Shim and Mara Streberger, James Schaffroth, Megan McLaughlin and Yuyu Chen (along with Shannon Dosemagen and Jeff Warren) are developing a Roomba indoor air pollution hunting robot, a hydrogen sulfide screening tool and home-testing kit for environmental estrogens and the Thermal Flashlight. We use lights on the Roomba to produce long-exposure image maps of rooms to identify sources of indoor air-pollution. The resulting photographs are beautiful and data rich examples can be seen here: We are starting a Providence based Public Laboratory Research Cluster, in collaboration with [[|AS220]]: Providence's Public Forum for the Arts! We are also collaborating with Providence's [[ Justice League|Environmental Justice League]] this summer for a set of workshops in their youth program [[|Community Environmental College]]. Recent/Upcoming Events Feb 23: [[|RISD Thermal Imaging Workshop]] May 26: [[|ASS220 Lab's Thermal Flashlight Workshop]] June 23: [[|ASS220 Lab's Balloon Mapping Meet Up]] July 28: ASS220 Indoor Air Quality Mapping Workshop. Sign up information coming soon... Get Involved! Interested in joining the research group and attending meetings? Please email to join the google group for PLOTS-providence. Projects Indoor air quality mapping to evaluate indoor air quality at RISD. Here is a video about the project: [[|Environmental Estrogen Screen]] [[|Hydrogen Sulfide Sensing]] [[|Thermal Imaging]] Media And Gallery Shows "Public Lab Aims for Affordable Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors" PBS MediaShift IdeaLab Blog- Sara Wylie and Shannon Dosemagen, 10/25/11 Grist: In the future, cleaning robots will sniff out air pollution- Jess Zimmerman, 7-18-11 Technology Review: Robot lights up at pollution- Kristina Grifantini, 7-17-11 [[|Public Lab show in Montreal featuring Roomba]] Meeting Notes Tuesday March 29th meeting ...

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