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stevie "Hey @sophie - it has been a while! Hope all is well. We're going to do an OpenHour on exploratory hydrogen sulfide monitoring methods Monday, Janu..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
warren "Hi, Sophie - did you get to do your follow-up tests? I'm curious what's happened since you published this! Thanks! " | Read more » over 8 years ago
sara "Hi Sophie it just occurred to me that the Hydrogen Sulfide may have reacted with the metallic surface of the bag? Did you consider that? What were ..." | Read more » over 9 years ago
sophie "Thanks for all the positive feedback! I'm not sure where the bags originally came from, but they cost about $35 for five here:" | Read more » about 10 years ago
megan "Nice! I love the water bag tests, it is really brilliant. What is the cost of the bags? If doing a large scale deployment, it seems like it would b..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
warren "Wow, this looks great; I really appreciate the emphasis on ease of construction and your careful water bag tests! @megan, @deepwinter, and others w..." | Read more » about 10 years ago