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jonathanbyrgen " Very interesting study! " | Read more » over 3 years ago
liz "This is amazing feedback!!! Thank you so much, i can't believe i just saw this now. " | Read more » about 5 years ago
cfastie "So there seem to be a few possible reasons that the intertidal infrablue photos are dull compared to other infrablue photos. One is that it was a c..." | Read more » about 9 years ago
wward1400 "Jeff is right. I didn't follow the link--my apologies. I thought Chris was referencing a nightshot of a Brooklyn restaurant:" | Read more » about 9 years ago
warren "ah, no, i think it's not the same camera -- Liz's was an A495, no? " | Read more » about 9 years ago
wward1400 "Same camera. Canon PowerShotSD4000 IS f/2 1/1250s Center Weighted Average Metering The Brooklyn shot you mentioned was resized to 2000x1500 pixels..." | Read more » about 9 years ago
cfastie "Will, the intertidal zone is a great subject for infrablue. Aerial shots at low tide are going to make striking maps of Fucus distribution. Is thi..." | Read more » about 9 years ago