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shanlter "Thanks @Liz, last year, there's a big scandal on gutter oil in Taiwan. " | Read more » over 8 years ago
liz "Hi @ygzstc, i heard from Li Zhou and He Shan in Guangzhou who asked me to pass along a question about detecting "recycled" food oil, AKA used resta..." | Read more » over 8 years ago
stoft "Ok, so the plots are absorption; which makes more sense. However, the Y axis is labeled "Intensity". It would be more clear to either plot relative..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
ygzstc "Dave - Thanks a lot for the insights...As you said, when I add oil sample, intensity decreases and since the plots above is the difference between ..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
jeffh "Very nice work. I checked the listing for the lamp, and if you are using the original bulb, it is a "warm white" with color temperature of 2700 deg..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
stoft "Nice experiment. As I recall, white LEDs have a significant 'bump' at about 430nm, a dip at 470nm and a broad peak about 600nm so I assume the 470 ..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
liz "Wow this is fantastic!!! I can't wait to try this method~! " | Read more » about 10 years ago
ygzstc "Jeff, I am sure it can be done. However, coding is not my strong suit :( I may help on theory and algorithm development though... Cfastie, you are..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
cfastie "This is excellent research. Do you think if I bought some "100% extra virgin olive oil" and sent you a sample, you could tell me if it was really 1..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
warren "Wow, this is spectacular -- thanks! I'm wondering if there's a way we could write a macro for Spectral Workbench to do this kind of analysis in rea..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
warren "Hi, Chris - i copied this down from YouTube but the version I got was a bit pixellated. Any way you could post the original so we can reduce copyin..." | Read more » about 11 years ago
mathew "Nice! i find my beans won't twine around poles that are smooth, they'll only twine around the textured bark of sticks or rope, preferably manila or..." | Read more » about 11 years ago