Water conductivity monitoring

**Conductivity** is a measure of a solution's ability to conduct electricity, as measured in Siemens per meter (S/m). (lead image by @ddileona) This page is under development, please add background info: * Info about regulations * Info about ecological or human health impacts * Advocacy leverage points * Constraints we're working within: cost, complexity, sensitivity, time Also see resources on this page: https://publiclab.org/wiki/conductivity_sensing ## Questions [questions:conductivity] **** ## Sensors Here's a list of different conductivity sensors and measurement systems. Also see below for some Do-It-Yourself approaches to measuring conductivity, and [this page](https://publiclab.org/wiki/conductivity_sensing) for more information. * [the Coqui](/wiki/coqui) **** ## Activities Activities for people to test methods (these develop over time) [activities:conductivity] **** ## Existing work [notes:conductivity] ...

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