Photo Sharing

In #balloon-mapping, #timelapse, #photo-monitoring and other methods documented on this site, you often end up with thousands of photos, which are hard to upload to the web or share with others. There are different ways to do this, and none are perfect -- choose one based on what you're most comfortable with and what resources you have. For each approach, consider: * cost * complexity * bandwidth requirements * preferences of the group you want to share with ## Options * [Share images on BitTorrent](/n/14183), a P2P filesharing program * [Share images on Google Drive](/notes/warren/05-12-2017/use-google-drive-to-share-large-photo-collections), which is $2 per month * [Use MapMill](/wiki/mapmill), which has some bugs, but was designed at Public Lab for sharing and sorting lots of images * [Combine your images into a video]( and [store it online](/questions/warren/09-16-2016/what-s-the-best-way-to-archive-store-a-timelapse-video), for example on []( * [Use](, considered as the Alexandria Library of our digital days. **** ## Questions Especially since none of the above methods are perfect, please help identify any problems, suggest other possible ways to share photos, or just ask any related questions here: [questions:photo-sharing] **** ## Related work * **Lens distortion correction** -- when you have lots of images, you may want to remove lens distortion. There's documentation on a few methods for this under the #lens-distortion tag * **Geotagging** -- if you want to add location data to your photos, or to take photos with location data, see #geo-tagging as well as #gps....

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