Question: Any simple ways to measure wind direction from a data logger?

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by warren | June 12, 2017 22:44 | #14527

Shawn Wallace from AS220 showed me the very cool low-cost wind sensors they make:

(there's actually two versions for different wind speeds)

Could be an interesting thing to try with a data logger, although it only does speed and not direction.

Is there an easy way to measure direction too? I guess I'm thinking some kind of windvane attached to a potentiometer, but it seems like rain would become a problem. Anyone heard of easy ways to do this? Thanks!


John Bognar, one of our partners on the NASA AREN project, who's worked with hot-wire and related anemometers in the past, and contributed these two documents --

The first is an overview of hot wire anemometry:


The second is a very in-depth review of their applicability, by P.C. Stainback of Research Associate NASA Langley and K.A. Nagabushana of Old Dominion University Research Foundation:


A review of hot-wire anemometry was made to present examples of past work done in the field and to describe some of the recent and important developments in this extensive and ever expanding field. The review considered the flow regimes and flow fields in which measurements were made, including both mean flow and fluctuating measurements. Examples of hot-wire measurements made in the various flow regimes and flow fields are presented. Comments are made concerning the constant current and constant temperature anemometers generally in use and the recently developed constant voltage anemometer. Examples of hot-wire data obtained to substantiate theoretical results are presented. Some results are presented to compare hot-wire data with results obtained using other techniques. The review was limited to wires mounted normal to the flow in non-mixing gases.

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