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Question: Possibilities to use the dvd in reflection in the spectrometer ?

vnourrit is asking a question about lego-spectrometer
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by vnourrit | September 20, 2019 12:42 | #20939

Regarding the lego spectrometer, is there no way to use the dvd in reflection rather than in transmission ? To avoid the the tricky splitting process.


Hi @vnourrit, when you write "tricky splitting process" are you referring to having to manually peel apart the flat layers of the DVD?

If so, the answer if one is using a DVD as a diffraction grating, unfortunately, is no -- we need the light to pass through the finely ridged layer and be separated into wavelengths that can be analyzed. However, you can purchase a diffraction grating online for slightly more money that would be ready to use -- no splitting or peeling needed!

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