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by tuomas_j_mattila | July 01, 2018 18:35 | #16601

I got the new NDVI modified lens, but cannot get it into focus. If I screw it tight against the body of the camera, it's still too long. If I open the camera body and place the lens inside the body, it is too short. The sweet spot would seem to be right where it cannot be.

Here's the lens screwed in place, snugly against the camera body, and a very blurry landscape.

image description

Here is the same landscape with the original Mobius lens and a red filter in place:
image description

Here is a better placement of the lens, but it should be a bit further out to give a sharp focus.
image description

Finally here is the Mobius model involved:

image description

I guess something has changed between models, as it's not possible to get the lens into a position where the focus would be sharp. I could cut parts of the plastic case off to make more room for the lens, but that would not seem like a good idea.



I believe there are actually 3 positions for the lens, and the outermost is shown here... But not 100% sure. With the outer position in this gif, I got focused images.

See how both lens rings are outside the body? I hope this helps!!

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Sorry, but that is a different model of Mobius. The camera strap is black and more importantly the case does not have those narrow slots, which prevent moving the lens. In the last photo of my post are the slots, the lens holder fits only inside the innermost slot.

Ah, ok. Thanks for such a careful look at this. So we no longer get separate modified lenses -- we just get whole modified and unmodified cameras from the factory. It's very helpful to know that the loose lenses don't work well for the latest Mobius camera bodies, so we'll probably be retiring that option and just selling whole modified and unmodified Mobius cameras. If you'd like to exchange, please send it back to Kits at:

Public Lab 55 Cromwell St 1C Providence RI 02907

Sorry for the trouble and thank you x1000000 for your help with this issue. It really makes a difference.

We'll add in a free extra lens with different geometry if you'd like to try that too on a newer Mobius body. Just discussed this with @amanda -- thanks again!

@souravirus is just testing a bug here! Sorry @tuomas_j_mattila !!

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