Question: I am looking to start some research in the image processing domain, for which I am currently trying to find a problem. I would love to know what other folks are working on!

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by tech4gt | September 27, 2018 05:14 | #17180

I am currently a university student and I have been contributing to the Image sequencer project. Working on the it I have developed an interest in Image processing and I want to produce some research in the domain. I would love some help on how I can get started.


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For consideration: - Image processing/computer vision courses that discuss lots of different research topics: -Applying AI to an environmental sorting problems (microplastics/ algea/etc ) using techniques such as: or

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Thanks a lot @MaggPi these resources are really nice!! ❤️

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Perhaps @amirberagain might also have some suggestions!

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Thanks for pinging me. The list @maggPi posted looks great and I didn't know most of them. However, I personally like to get some experience before diving in the theory of it all (which is necessary, don't skip it!). One resource I really liked is the generic OpenCV tutorials, very basic and provides a good background of basic tools needed. An additional great resource is Adrian Rosebrock's blog - PyImageSearch where he recently started diving into DL as well. I'd recommend you take time to study CV before DL, this background is valuable.

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A couple ideas - what about classification (potentially as part of imagesequencer?) -- lots of interest in this for aerial photography but generally doesnt run in the browser (though see this prototype: #clashifier) for quantifying land cover types.

Second, interest point finding and matching between image pairs -- there's an issue open here and it's a very big domain:

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@warren Awesome!! Can you please elaborate a little more on classification, it sounds very interesting!! Thanks for all the help here!! 😃

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