Nurdle survey

A survey for nurdles (industrial plastic pellets) on a beach or shoreline is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to monitor microplastics pollution. _Lead image: Nurdles, by [hockadilly](, [CC BY SA]( ### Purpose of a nurdle survey + Identify and count nurdles over a period of time at a particular location. + Gain awareness of local nurdle pollution, report counts to government agencies, report counts to organizations mapping community-sourced data on nurdle pollution. + Using mapped data, compare nurdle pollution in different regions and potentially correlate high concentrations of nurdles to an industrial source. ### Groups organizing nurdle surveys + [Nurdle Patrol]( on the US Gulf Coast published methods for a 10-minute nurdle survey (see details below), provides an online reporting form for community members to submit data, and has a map showing submitted nurdle counts. + [Great Nurdle Hunt]( organized out of the UK outlines a variable-time nurdle survey, plus tips, suggested equipment, a nurdle ID sheet, and data collection form. They also have a map showing nurdle counts worldwide. _If you know of other groups organizing nurdle surveys, please [add them to the list](!_ ### Nurdle survey activities Posts written by Public Lab community members and tagged with `activity:nurdle-survey` will appear here. [Write a note about your own research or story here](,microplastics)! [activities:nurdle-survey] ...

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