Question: How to make CHEAP spectrometer for chemical material analysis, and how can I compare sample spectra with my own database?? Is it some special soft??

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by super_smartaga | October 03, 2019 04:58 | #21055

I think it's possible,but I can't understand,how to make this from affordable matireals..

And about soft.

How can I compare my spectra with my database??


Hello @super_smartaga , Thanks for writing! I'll suggest two starting points: 1. watch the video on 2. investigate the methods for building this spectrometer out of legos, as i believe it is currently the best performing as well as lowest-cost, accessible design:

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Hi @super_smartaga, Your question will get better answers if you can answer some initial questions. What do you consider cheap? What wavelength range do you need to use? Do you plan to do reflectance or absorbance spectroscopy? What is the range of extinction coefficients for your materials? What concentration range do you need to get (assuming solution spectra)? What level of precision do you require?

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For serious work at low cost, one should consider a used professional spectrometer. I am working on an old Hitachi 100-80 double beam spectrophotometer with excellent optics. The cost of these will typically be a few hundred USD.

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