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by suman | November 22, 2016 20:54 | #13721

Greetings from Nepal,

I am a masters student and researcher at Thammasat University, Thailand. I am planning to do a research on "Monitoring Water Stress in banana plantation at Pathumthani province, Thailand using thermal remote sensing attached to an unmanned aerial system."

The process of buying an expensive thermal sensor will take me still next 6 months because of long procedure in university. Thankfully,i came across this wonderful initiative and now i am thinking of utilizing my time before i get the thermal sensor.I wanted to test if this can contribute in finding water stress through modified IR camera. I wanted to buy Infragram DIY Filter Pack (blue and red filter). How can i buy this? I tried to buy but your website said it's already sold out.

I plan to stay connected with you wonderful people and would love to share my research outcomes with you guys. Nepal being an agricultural country, i plan to implement my work to create some awareness programs to the farmers. In nepal, the agricultural practises are still primitive so this cheap solution to multispectral imagery would be best suited for developing countries relying on agriculture.

Cheers for this initiative.

Thank you. I eagerly look forward to hear from you.

Best Regards, Suman Ghimire

Researcher Thammasat University Thailand


Hi Suman, and welcome to Public Lab! Your research sounds really interesting! This might be something @abdul would know how to answer - tagging him so he sees it

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Thank you @pdhixenbaugh for the reply. I appreciate it.

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Sorry for the late reply, but these filters are actually for near infrared, not thermal infrared as stated in your post. We hope your research has been going well!

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