Question: What are some good kid friendly activities people can run at events?

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by stevie | December 15, 2017 20:35 | #15385

We’re compiling resources to help people host Barnraisings!

Do you have an activity that would be good for children to do at Barnraising events? Great! We’re compiling them on the new Host a Barnraising wiki

Click here to add KidCom activities or edit the page here and add resources.


Microscopes and microscopy are a fascinating introduction to many fields of science, and there are very good standard, introductory microscopes available right now for $100 or less. I have taught microscopy to children as young as 5 and 6 years old - Kindergarten and 1st grade, and to older grammar school kids. You can get a quick idea how to do this from my article, "Teaching microscopy to young children" - at . They are also great for science fairs and community science events. I am available to help!

Agreed! And the new Basic Microscope Kit is a great low-cost way to get a microscope running -- should ultimately be under $100 for even 100x, and viewable on a tablet or laptop screen:

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