Question: How do environmental monitoring methods become recognized or official by US regulatory agencies?

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stevie asked on December 02, 2016 16:32
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What I want to do or know

While there are many ways to do environmental monitoring, only some have been approved by various agencies for official data. I'm interested in understanding:

  • How do these methods become recognized?
  • Who can do this?
  • What is the process?
  • How often are the approved methods reviewed?


I would like to have the information that Rachelle Duvall referred to on the OpenHour, about the standards and testing that usually companies have to perform to submit a new reference method. Is there a link?

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@liz see "Guidelines for FRM and FEM Applicants 9-2011 (PDF)" on

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2 Answers

This whitepaper explains how methods become Clean Water Act methods for wastewater analysis under the US EPA.

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RE:: @DavidMack posting your resource as an answer to the question. Thanks for sharing::

see "Guidelines for FRM and FEM Applicants 9-2011 (PDF)" on

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