Question: Why does my coqui not change frequency in salt water anymore?

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by stevie | June 10, 2020 14:03 | #23815

Hello! I have a coqui that's about two years old. I've used it in a number of demos, and it seems to no longer be changing pitch in salt vs. fresh water. I'm wondering if it has corroded? Perhaps I didn't clean it after my last use? Wondering if anyone has any thoughts!


@stevie : 1. 555 timer lifetime is close to 1000 hours with/without battery. 2. If the same electrodes have been used for all testing/analysis, sometimes, conductivity will not differ as the electrodes have been exposed to air for a longer time. 3. check the frequency range with other liquids too. 4. If none of these works, change 555 timer, or the electrodes.

Got it. I've had this coqui for about three years. I've used it probably 5 times. I didn't realize these things had a shelf life like that. Thank you!

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