Question: How long should you deploy babylegs for?

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by stevie | April 28, 2020 17:03 | #23501

Hi! I'm in touch with a group thinking about deploying Babylegs in a stream from a bridge or a tree. How long should it be out there collecting a sample? What are factors we should consider in deciding this length of time?

thank you!


Hi Stevie, We usually deploy for half an hour. Anything less than that and its not much of a representative sample. That's in relatively steady flowing water without surface smutz like leaves, algae or debris. You should generally avoid water with a lot of gunk in it because it makes processing the sample nearly impossible. We've also left trawls out for much longer-- 10 hours at one point, but that was in slow, even water where we knew the trawl wouldn't tangle or be investigated by ducks or people. I recommend always keeping an eye on the trawl in case it gets tangled. Hope that helps. Max

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