Question: Can MiniVol (TAS Particulate Matter Monitor) measure Black Carbon or Elemental Carbon?

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by stevie | April 09, 2018 20:42 | #16121

I'm working with a group who's interested in using the mini-vol. They are wondering if the MiniVol can measure for black carbon or elemental carbon?


The best person to ask is the manufacturer. There are so many fine grades of carbon, say for example soot or very fine grades of carbon black, that they would be the best ones to answer.

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Maxxam Labs can test for organic, elemental, and total carbon. It is a very different analysis than particulate matter or crystalline silica and requires a different filter, so samples to be analyzed for carbon would be separate from samples to be analyzed for the others. There are two potential filter types to use, one of which has a $45 upcharge per sample, but the regular filter for the NIOSH method (which is a baked quartz filter) should work, and doesn't have an upcharge. The analysis itself would be $58 per sample. The folks at Maxxam are great, and seem happy to answer any questions.

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