Question: Can you blur the location of a Purple Air device?

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by stevie | March 05, 2020 18:29 | #23083

I'm interested in learning about how the Purple Air data shows up on the map. -- I've heard some people who are interested in getting them but are concerned with sabotage, or being targeted by a local industry for doing monitoring. Is there any way to blur the location setting of the Purple Air so it covers a wider area than the direct address?

For example, Public Lab and iNaturalist use a blurring technique for geographic material. On Public Lab material can show up on a grid set to the user's desired size rather than the precise location. (you can read more about that project here


Thanks, Stevie. in the past, we've had surveyors for companies releasing PM trespass onto private property and reset the sensors. this was for impact collection, and it was very rare, but it is a concern

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From Mallory on the Purple Air team: "When a user registers their PurpleAir sensor, they select the location that they want the sensor icon to appear on the PurpleAir map. If they do not want the sensor icon directly on their home or the true installation location we recommend placing the sensor at the nearest intersection or in a neutral location like the center of a road, etc."

Answered. and Update:: this works. We do additional things I will not write here, but this works.

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