Question: What are some good trouble shooting tips for installing/maintaining a PurpleAir?

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by stevie | with tylerknight February 24, 2022 16:22 | #30080

We're aiming to install a number of PurpleAirs in the next few weeks. @tylerknight put together a brief installation guide for it. Wondering if anyone who has worked with PurpleAir has a moment to put an eye on it to see if you have any suggestions based on your experience with the tool. We're also looking to add any trouble shooting tips for set-up and running it. Any suggestions? @jiteovien @crispinpierce @Cbarnes9 @OrionAllgaier @eustatic


Tagging in @LESBreathe in case you have any tips, too!

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i wrote out installation tips

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maintenance--hire someone, lol. I use air canisters to clean them of spiders. the units die, but are cheap enough to replace.

I have tried to 'resurrect' a few units whose data went FUBAR, mostly by cleaning the units, but i feel like the issues were electronic--the interactions with ambient water in our area are more intense than most electronics designs, so that is probably what is going on.

I have not ventured into the world of voltage testing Purple Air components to see what component was shorted or fried, or replacing the blue boxes to see if that fixes the issue

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nota bene, you probably want to blot out / white out the QR code in this photo as well.

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