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by saeed957 | May 02, 2017 07:32 | #14156

What I want to do or know

How can I suppress background light of a spectra?

Background story

With your fold able spectroscope I am unable to get a spectra on my screen. However, by placing a piece of DVD on the webcam I can get one with lot of background light. Theramino software provide this option but initial setting is very difficult. In your software initial setting is easy but I could not find any way to suppress background light.


Hi @saeed957! Have you tried using a mobile phone? You can try taking the picture first and then upload it to the Spectralworkbench.

I've modified the foldable spectrometer with papercraf wall and painted the inside with black ink. Check it here.

Maybe can help you ;)

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Thanks Xose, no I haven't tried but I will give it a try.

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Cool!! Another interesting point to have in mind is the orientation of the slit in relation to that of the diffraction grating. More info here:

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